Friday, 24 October 2014

Team Artistry - Canadian SunshineStampers - part 3

And FINALLY My Dear Friends

Dianne's perfect design - 4-Square
I want to show you all the ridiculously beautiful cards that my downline made using the Trim the Tree Designer Paper Stacks.
Kathy's Brilliant Tree

Dianne's Starburst card.
Lovely Iris-Folded Ornament - Val
Classic Punched Wreath - Lynn

Aren't these spectacular?
And they are all so different too!

Who would have thought you could do quite this much with just some bits of Designer Paper!?
Val's Fallen Leaves

Dianne's Harlequin Tree
I absolutely was blown away with the variety and creativity that these stampers brought with them.  

Iris-Folding, Punch art, rolled branches, Starburst...hard to believe that these all use the same stack of paper, huh?  So much variety.  So much beauty.  Man I am blessed!  :)

Hope everyone elnjoys a wonderful full of smiles and hugs from those you hold most dear!

God Bless,    ~Cynthia    <><

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Team Artistry - Canadian Sunshine Stampers part 2

Good Morning
Santa & Co. DSP - Frances

Sorry for having missed posting yesterday.  The post was ready but I was too preoccupied to send it.  And that's ok.....
Santa & Co. DSP - Janet B

Santa & Co. DSP  More Janet B

But now - are you ready to see some more inspiration from my Team members (who continue to inspire me - that's for sure!).  

Just in case I did not spell it out before, here are the details for how this came about:   
Nordic Noel DSP - Suzane

I set up bundles that were a mixture of at least 3 different patterns of Designer paper (from the same package of DSP), along with the corresponding colours of cardstock.  Each Team member got to choose a bundle (and the last few just had to take whatever was left) and the requirement was that they had to make at least one thing (card, Scrapbook page, 3D item, whatever), using what they took.  

They did not have to use "every" pattern on one card (although I encouraged them to try to use at least 2) and they could keep whatever was left over when they were done.  And they had to bring their creation(s) to our next meeting.
Nordic Noel - Lynn

Nordic Noel - Lynn Again

Nordic Noel - Lynn's Presents!
Nordic Noel - Lynn - Seasonally Scattered
Trees and Bulbs - Lynn

I am so glad I challenged them.  Did you get a load of that cute moose that Frances cut from the designer paper?    And look how ingeniously the patterns from the paper (presents or houses) were used by Suzane and Lynn as the focal element on some of the cards?  

Aren't you glad you checked in today to see some more of the luscious cards that were on display at our Team Meeting:

I was hoping to see a variety of ideas and boy was I ever NOT disappointed!

Have a wonderful day and see you all again tomorrow for the last cards in the Challenge group.   God Bless,    ~Cynthia    <><

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Team Artistry - Canadian Sunshine Stampers part 1

Hello Friends
Motley Monsters DSP -Rachelle A

I don't often tell you much about the amazing friends I am privileged to call Team Members.  Collectively, we are the Canadian Sunshine Stampers.  And man oh man are these CSS stampers ever talented!!
Motley Monsters DSP -Rachelle A

Motley Monsters DSP -Rachelle A

At our September meeting, I packaged up various sheets of Designer Paper and coordinating cardstock and I asked my CSS team to take bundles home, create with them and bring them back in October to show us what they had done.  Can you say ...Wow!!??
Color Me Autumn DSP - Sonya L

I had no idea the variety and wow-factor that would be returned to us. For the next three days, let me show you just how uber-cute and creative their cards are.

Today I will focus on the cards made using Fall or Hallowe'en themed paper.  Enjoy....

Color Me Autumn DSP - Sonya L

Color Me Autumn DSP - Sonya L

Color Me Autumn DSP - Sonya L

Color Me Autumn - Janet B

Color Me Autumn - Janet B

I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with the creations that my friends made!  I gave them unassuming sheets of DSP and they brought back masterpieces!  Look at the balance of colours, and unadulterated playfulness of the "vampire" owl.  Or the subtle beauty of the gray, Hallowe'en wreath?  And the honeycomb trellis with the butterflies?  I cannot find words to tell you just how much this card makes my heart skip a beat ever-so-slightly.  And what about how the Autumn motif and colourful leaves are combined so marvelously in the final two cards.  I could wax poetic, but you get the hint, right?

These cards are gorgeous.  And just the tip of the iceberg!  Check back tomorrow to see some of the cards my friends made using Christmas-themed DSP.

Until then, hope everyone enjoys their day.  Be happy.  Be safe.  Be blessed.   God Bless you all,    ~Cynthia    <><

Monday, 20 October 2014

Tone-On-Tone For My Team

Hi There Friends

Last night I got together with my Team and we had a wonderful meeting - complete with the creation of some gorgeous cards.  After all, that *IS* what we like to do best when we are together!

Silver-On-Silver Version

In addition, my Team members brought some cards as part of a Challenge that I had given them and believe me - they *absolutely* lived up to the Challenge.  But that is tomorrow's post.

For today, I wanted to show you these 2 gorgeous cards we made.  Well, rather, these were my sample cards and my Team all made the silver version for themselves.  I heavily borrowed from a card I saw on the Hearts' Delight website from almost 2 years ago - we just changed up a few things to make it current.  But believe me, I am a big fan of this tone-on-tone metallic look.  Brushed Gold and Brushed Silver are 2 of the most beautiful cardstocks we sell if you ask me.
Gold-On-Gold Version

And there isn't much you can do to ruin any card made using Lovely As a Tree.  STILL one of my most favourite stamp sets of all time.


I will leave you with the pictures of these two beauties, but I'll remind you to check back tomorrow when I'll post the pictures of cards my Team Members made when I Challenged them.  Believe me when I say you really need to come back tomorrow to check them out!

Until then, I hope everyone's week is spectacular,    
God Bless,   
~Cynthia    <><


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Friday, 17 October 2014

Founders Swap - Shimmery Pines, the Video!

Hello Friends
Shimmery Pines (Founders Circle Swap)

Its is easy to create lots and lots of these gorgeous, Shimmery cards

I have been tickled pink  and on cloud nine for the last few weeks.  Ever since I returned from Founders Circle in Utah in September I have been getting tons of e-mails from all over Canada and the US with people asking me how I made my Founders Swap card - the super shimmery Ornamental Pine card.

The short answer is - it is super easy.  Just Versamark and Iridescent Ice embossing Powder.  But if you really want the whole scoop, take a few minutes and watch the video I put together for you.

To be honest, I wanted to make a video of this card anyhow, but the huge interest in it meant that I needed to make it sooner, rather than later.

So here it is folks.  Enjoy!
And have a wonderful weekend.  God Bless,    ~Cynthia   <><

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Curvy Keepsake Olaf!

Good Mornin' Stampin' Friends

I just couldn't wait to show you one of the projects that my club members will be making tonight!

Pinterest is filled with ideas created using the Curvy Keepsake Box, and today I am adding in my own creation.  

Olaf, everybody's favourite snowman, from the movie, "Frozen".  My own daughters, although they are all teenagers, were quite smitten with this little creation and have decided they each want one to themselves!

I hope my club members are as happy with him as my girls seem to be!  

And, of course, there are 3 gorgeous cards to make at club this month too.  A shaker card and 2 that use sponging and glitter to maximal effect.  Yes friends, that *is* my Founders Circle swap card that club members are making this month!!  And the Shaker card (Jennifer Gulch) and Blue Pines (Evelyn Wood) were 2 other swap cards I received at Founders Circle.  They are gorgeous and I thought my club members should get a chance to make them for themselves!

If you'd like to join us as a guest, just ask.  Wed, Fri and Tues night from 7-9 pm  (Oct 15, 17 and 21) or Saturday morning form 10 till noon (Oct 18).

I hope you'll consider joining us to make these beautiful cards.  And Olaf too!  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week and God Bless,     ~Cynthia     <><

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