Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Come To Bethlehem Coasters

I am so very blessed - Every Monday morning throughout the school year I join several other women at the church and we babysit more than a dozen young children (ages 6 mos - 5 yrs) while their mothers participate in a Faith Study.  The children are all little angels - with the occasional halo tipping off the side - but they are blessed little angels nonetheless.  And I get paid each week with a generous dose of hugs so the rewards are quite priceless. 

Yesterday morning us babysitters were off-duty as we were invited to just come and join the Mothers at their Christmas potluck brunch.   I was all prepared to see my little friends again while enjoying some tasty treats but we awoke to nasty ice-covered roads after an early-morning of freezing rain.  The roads were navigable and I suppose I 'could' have gone, but it was the first Monday morning I have had 'off' in a very long time so I took my cue from the weather and decided to lay low.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to just hang around lazily at home for a morning! 

At any rate, just after lunch one of the ladies showed up at my door with a gorgeous Christmas gift that the Moms had gotten ready for me, in appreciation for babysitting their children.  The gift bag, the tag, the card, the treat - they were all adorned in Stampin' Up! fashion as the Mom who prepared the gift for me is not only my good friend, but is also my downline, Michelle.  She is the creator of those gorgeous Come To Bethlehem cards from last week!  At any rate, included in the gift was a set of tile coasters that she made for me using my very favourite Christmas stamp set - Come To Bethlehem.  I have seen these tile coasters in many places and have been intending to make them myself, but have just never get around to it.  How wonderful it was to be gifted with them...and using my favourite stamp set too!

Thank you so much to the wonderful mothers who allow me the privilege and honour of looking after their children, if only for a few hours, every Monday morning.  And thank you as well for the lovely Christmas gifts.  And, of course, Thank You my friends for paying my blog a visit today.  May your lives be filled with joy in anticipation of the coming of the Lord.

Have a wonderful day and God Bless,     ~Cynthia     <><


  1. Gorgeous coasters. They actually look as if you used a stencil. Wouldn't mind having a set on my desk.
    Hugs, Dangina

  2. Cynthia, how sweet it is to see you as a recipient of such a beautiful gift. Blessings, Carole

  3. Those are a lovely gift. Children really do bring so much to our lives and not just our own children. Last night I visited a new mom that I used to babysit when she was little. She had twin girls. One was 7 pounds but one was only 4 pounds and 13 ounces. They were in the room with the parents and they were so beautiful. Today I get to babysit a two and a half year old that had open heart surgery at 2 weeks and who will require future surgeries. It always makes me a little nervous but her parents want her treated like any other child. She is adorable and so easy to love. I feel very fortunate to have these children and their parents in my life and I am sure that you feel the same about your Monday morning angels.