Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Come To Bethlehem For Christmas

Hello Friends

Didn't I promise I would be back today with a new post?  I'm just sorry that my return causes you so much surprise!  I really must be more diligent  in future to ensure that I don't disappear for quite so long between postings.

At any rate, with December upon us and Christmas preparations in full swing, I am definitely absorbed in Christmas card-making.  And arguably my most favourite stamp set of all is the Come To Bethlehem stamp set from the main catalogue (118732 w, 120591 c).  I purchased this set the instant it became available several years ago and I will be saddened to see it retire some day.  Until that time however, it is one of my go-to sets for Christmas cards.

Before I show you current cards using this set, I want to devote today's post to doing a "shout out" to one of my very good friends (and downline members), an exceptionally talented lady, Michelle T.
Champagne Glass-Glittered Come To Bethlehem Card

Michelle is one of those amazing people who seems to be able to accomplish an unnatural number of things in a mere 24 hrs.  She home-schools her young family (she has 5 children and number 6 is due in the late Spring) and is also a doula.   She also happens to be an amazingly creative crafter.  Her scrapbook pages, cards and 3D projects are veritable works of art!  And these 2 cards she made for me last year are great examples of her talent and creative genius.

Michelle's attention to detail is striking.  Notice the pewter-embossed music notes that run behind the main image panel in the card on the right?  Not enough to distract the eye from the main image, but just enough to add visual interest to the background.
Sand-adorned Come To Bethlehem Card

And notice the sandy-coloured terrain in the second card?  If you are wondering how Michelle achieved such realistic-looking landscape, let me assure you that it is no illusion.
She adhered real sand to the card!  The effect is quite extraordinary and wildly intriguing.  It is fun to watch people try to guess what material is on the card.  They all swear it "seems" just like real sand, but no one can bring themselves to suggest that it really is!  Imagine their surprise when their suspicions are corroborated!

Genius.  Pure creative genius!

Yet, in addition to her choice of materials, perhaps one of the reasons these 2 cards of Michelle's are so striking is that they were designed by a heart that is completely, openly and unashamedly Christian.  What better way to look forward to the coming of the Saviour, than to honour Him in even such little details as making Christmas cards to herald His arrival.  Last year Michelle did a wonderful job with these cards of inviting me to "Come to Bethlehem".  Has anything inspired you yet this year, as Christmas and its true meaning come closer and closer?

This post has turned out to be somewhat longer than I intended or anticipated but now I must go.  I look forward to sharing more of the Bethlehem journey (via cards) with you tomorrow.  Until then, have a wonderful day and God Bless,    ~Cynthia   <><


  1. Lovely cards!

    1. Oh yes Olivia - and the pictures barely do them justice. I'll have to make certain you get a chance sometime to view them in real life!
      Have a wonderful day and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><