Friday, 22 November 2013

Fast & Fabulous Friday - Christmas Stampers Dozen Cards

 Hello Friends,

I am holding a Christmas Stamper's Dozen class later today, using the Christmas Banner Accessory kit to create a dozen beautiful cards.  And I realized that each and every one of these cards qualifies as a Fast & Fabulous card!!  Every single one of them.  Honest!  The 12 take no time at all to create.  And are they gorgeous?  Completely and absolutely!!  Take a look for yourself!  

 (My thank you to Krista Frattin who created these designs)

I am offering this class again on Sunday evening (Nov 24) and the following Saturday afternoon (Nov 30) for those of you who may be interested (see Upcoming Classes).  I am also going to offer this as a Class-To-Go, so if you are interested in these cards but cannot make it to my home for a class, contact me and I can send you the details! 

All right then....No time for idle chit chat - I have lots of work to do. But do let me know if you are interested in obtaining one of these kits as a class-to-go.  

You will love making them.  They truly are Fast.  And Fabulous!!

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless,     ~Cynthia   <><


  1. So exciting to see my cards! Cheers to the power of sharing and casing! Hope your event was a success!! Hugs!
    Krista Frattin

    1. Thanks Krista - your cards are gorgeous and the ladies have absolutely LOVED them. Your artistry has managed to bless a bunch of ladies across the miles - Thanks for sharing your talents!
      Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless! ~Cynthia <><