Friday, 22 August 2014

Thinking of You

Hello My Friends

Yesterday I showed you a white/silver and purple Gatefold card that I felt was just perfect as a wedding card.

Well today's card is a variation of that one, but equally as gorgeous (in my opinion).  

I have a wonderful friend whom I love dearly, and both she and her husband are going through quite a difficult time right now as they face some health issues and uncertainty about the future.  

I wanted to create a card for them both that would let them know that they are in our thoughts, and in our hearts, and on our minds.  And we are keeping them in our prayers, knowing that God will bring them through this.  Somehow.

I hope that all of you are aware, continually, of just how much you are loved by so many others around you.  And to all of my friends, and especially the recipient of this card....I love you lots and lots!

God Bless you all,     ~Cynthia     <><

1 comment:

  1. This card is beautiful and I'm sure your friends are going to be touched by your message of caring and the graceful simplicity of it.