Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Hi there Friends

I got the most amazing surprise in the mail today!!   :)

Today (Nov 24 - when I am typing this) is my 4 year anniversary.  Four years ago today I bought my Starter Kit.   I bought it for the discount, because as everyone knows, I had NO INTENTION of becoming a demonstrator.  

Ha!  Look at me now!!

At any rate, today in my mailbox I found this wonderful card from Stampin' Up! Canada, congratulating me on my 4-year anniversary.

That is just so cool!!

I have been thoroughly blessed in the past 4 years.  Yes, because I have earned some amazing perks from an amazing company.  But even more so because I have met some of the most incredible friends and shared smiles and laughter and glitter and ink with them!

It just so happens that just like 4 years ago when I bought in, Stampin' Up! is offering an amazing deal on their Starter Kit.  In fact, the kit is being offered at 25% off.  So you pay just $93.25, but you choose $155-worth of products.  And you pay NO SHIPPING.  And no HST (you do pay PST if you are in Quebec).

There are so many reasons to purchase the Starter Kit - any time, in fact - but this week in particular the deal just can't be beat!  Want more information?  Check out THIS PAGE, or contact me and ask.  I would be only too happy to let you in on all the reasons this deal is the best Christmas present you could give yourself.  And what's more.....it will give me an excuse to get inky with you sometime soon!

Hope you are all enjoying your week.  My surprise Anniversary card has me grinning from ear to ear and I can't wait to reproduce this beauty for some of my own Team members!  Thank you Stampin' Up! Canada for a wonderful start to my week!

God Bless you all,      ~Cynthia   <><

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  1. Happy Anniversary Cynthia :) and Congrats for those 4 years. It was nice meeting you at the SU Ottawa's Conference