Saturday, 16 May 2015

Pillow Gift #3 and #4 in Hawaii

Hello Friends
Quilted make-up bag

So Stampin' Up! is continuing to shower us with goodness!

Yesterday they gave us these gorgeous quilted make-up bags.

And today we got something ALL demonstrators love.....BRAND NEW PRODUCT!!  

I have been wanting to start up a scrapbook club, and a Project Life club, and this might just be my motivator.  SU! gave us a Project Life stamp set, the accessory pack, and the coordinating cards.  Can't wait to see all the cute pages I can create with these!  The "This is the Life" might just be featured in a Hawaiian scrapbook....

I also love the tags that have been coming with the gifts.  Cute little coconut embellishments on tags with words of wisdom. 

I didn't realize that in addition to hello and goodbye, aloha means love and affection.   Did you know that?

Day 3 tag

Day 4 tag

Stampin' Up! goes out of its way to make us feel special and boy oh boy do they ever do a good job!

Tomorrow morning they are going to allow us to help with a Service Project (packing hygiene kits and lunches to be brought to a Shelter) and let me tell you - I have looked forward to the Service Project ever since they let us help rebuild and clean-up the hospital in Fiji.  Let's face it, we are a very blessed group and the chance to make a difference in the world, even in a small way, is wonderful!!

I am going to see if I can get some pictures ready for you to see later family went on a WONDERFUL catamaran and snorkel adventure today and we got to see and experience some things that totally blew our minds.  If I can get some of the pictures to load properly, I will share them with you too.

Until then, have a wonderful day and God Bless you all!   ~Cynthia   <><

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