Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Purse Die From Stampin' Up!

Oh my goodness gracious!  When I saw the little purses made from the new Petite Purse die that Stampin' Up! is selling, I thought they were "cute".  But I honestly didn't think I would have much use for them.  They seemed small - - - "Cute" but not particularly useful.

Then I made the mistake of making one of these darling little purses and now I am officially hooked!  Absolutely and completely hooked.  They are so stinking cute and so unbelievably easy to make, that it is hard not to make at least half a dozen at a time.  I want to make one in every colour, using every designer paper, and every embossing folder I own.  Every embellishment.  Every ribbon and button and rhinestone and brad in my collection. 

And I've already started.  See the gorgeous creations I made?  Some smart and spiffy purses for Spring, summer and every occasion.  And how about that Wedding White purse and Elegant Black Evening clutch?  Too cute or what?!

Did you know you can get 9 Hershey's Kisses into one of these little darlings?  My Club ladies this month are all going home with a purse full of chocolate!

And the purses can be used for so many things.  I can see these as wedding favours.  Bridal and Baby shower favours.  Birthday parties.  Christmas packaging.  Small gift "bags".  And so much more.

Can't you just see one of these being used as the gift box for a Pandora charm??  How's that for presentation?  Any guy who would use one of these as his gift box has my vote.

And this one - this Elegant Black clutch...don't you think it's the perfect gift box for an engagement ring?!?

The possibilities are endless.   But I seriously think the die should come with a warning.  Caution - using this die to create purses can be addictive!

And on that note - Time to go make some more purses!

To all of you, I wish a splendid day.     God Bless,        Cynthia     <><


  1. Oh, great Cynthia. Now you have talked me into getting this! Your black and white purses are GORGEOUS!

  2. I feel your pain Michelle! :)
    But honest-to-goodness...I am firmly convinced it is a wise expenditure. These purses are cute, cute, cute. And dead-easy to make. Deceptively easy in fact. Even to vamp them up (a few extra seconds to emboss...) is so easy. I can't wait for my daughter's birthday. She is getting her ears pierced so her sisters and brother have earrings in waiting for her. They all want to make a purse-box for her. Personalized with stamping on the purse....we are all getting excited just in planning.
    Trust me. The money will be well-spent and you will never look back! :)
    Have a great day and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  3. But in all fairness Michelle told me she was going to buy this awhile back already! And after seeing it done a number of ways I may buy it too.

  4. Taylor will turn inside out with excitement. She will make them by the dozen.

  5. Cynthia, i got my die yesterday and made a few and showed my friend who makes jewelry. She is in love and we are now working on a deal where she will get these in exchange for jewelry! So thank you! I wouldn't have bought this if i hadn't seen your gorgeous samples!

    1. So glad I could be of some inspiration Michelle. :) I have seen your work and I know you are going to come up with some truly gorgeous variations of your own. Who knew such a small piece of steel and foam could be so addictive, right? My die has been put to VERY good use and my club ladies have all been tickled pink with how easy it is to create these wonderful accessories.
      Have a wonderful weekend. And have fun making those purses! God bless, ~Cynthia <><