Friday, 14 February 2014

FABULOUS Friday - Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Hello Hello Hello and Happy Valentine's Day!

I am excited to write this post today - because I am excited to share this card with you.  I wish I could say that I designed it or that I even assembled it.  But no - it isn't mine.  *This* my friends, is the absolutely gorgeous card that was waiting for me in my mailbox when I came home last evening.
Valentine's Card

Now tell me, is this not a beautiful card?!?

I love it.  
I mean, I really *LOVE* it!!

Inside of the Card
And best of all - a friend made it for ME for Valentine's Day!!

I met SH (and her lovely daughter) at a home party a little over a year ago.  Soon afterwards SH signed up as a demonstrator and has been slowly accumulating all sorts of tools and goodies since then.  I often have the pleasure of stamping with mother and daughter when I run a class.  But I know that they create many, many cards outside of classes too, and the evidence of their creativity and expertise lies before you now.

I'll say it again - Isn't it just gorgeous?!

I love the details.  
The Adorning Accents hearts embossed across the middle of the card.    
That little bit of shine, with the red glimmer paper "Love" and the glimmer heart as well.
The Fashionable Hearts embossed hearts that are balancing in a teetering tower on the left side of the card.
The angle of the sentiment, almost resting on that lone cabana heart on the right hand side.  
And that little bit of red glimmer tail that hangs down at such a jaunty angle onto the stripey designer paper, below.

And it doesn't end there.  You should see the inside of the card!  Cute little stamped hearts in coordinating colours.  And a stamped envelope too - that is LINED with a piece of coordinating designer paper.  I mean, there is visual eye-candy absolutely everywhere.   

I recognize how blessed I am to have received this card.  But more importantly, I know and understand how truly blessed I am to be able to call SH - its creator - my friend.

So yeah - I know, perhaps today I should be getting all mushy and showing you a card that I designed to give to my darling husband.  He does deserve a wonderful card and all of my love.  But honestly - I can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's day than by showing you this friendly card that brought me so much joy! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I am blessed.  Truly and undeniably blessed.

Thank you SH for this gorgeous card.  And for your continued friendship.  

And to the rest of you - I hope you are all looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  And a very Happy St. Valentine's Day!

God Bless you,     ~Cynthia   <><

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