Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Gold Contribution (In Honour of the Olympics)

Hello Friends

Canadian athletes have performed very well at these 2014 Olympics - and they've done so with such class and dignity that it makes me awfully proud!!  In particular, the last few days have brought so much gold into our Olympic repertoire (Women's Curling, Men's Curling, Women's Hockey, Men's Hockey) that I just *had* to show you my own gold today!!

I was asked to donate an item for a Silent Auction to be held for a fundraiser here in Ottawa and this is what I came up with (inspired partly by Janet Wakeland and her innovative ideas).  I wrapped our gorgeous new gold vellum around flameless candles and topped these with Vanilla and Gold Paper Roses to create an elegant table decor trio.

Close-Up of Paper Roses on Largest (and smallest) Pillar Candles

Close-Up of Decorations on Medium Candle

I love that with the new generation flameless candles, the candles look and feel like real wax, the flames flicker, and there is even a timer so that you don't have to turn them off or on manually!

Next - I rolled a large assortment of vanilla, cherry cobbler and crumb cake roses and glued these to a styrofoam base to make a stunning rose tree.  A dusting of our gold glitter on the roses makes this tree an absolutely breathtaking and eye-catching table decoration!

I will admit, it took a few more roses to completely cover the styrofoam than I anticipated when I started.  
But since:

a) I cut 4 pieces of cardstock at a time with the Spiral Flower Die and the Big Shot and

b)  I can get 6 roses from each 8.5x11 inch piece of cardstock and

c)  I rolled most of the flowers while watching the Olympics with my family

...well you can see that making the tree was actually reasonably economical and did not take as much time as it "looks like" it might have taken!

Not to mention the fact that it was fun.  And terribly satisfying.  Once it was completed and I saw how stunning it was, I knew I'd have to make a second one to keep here at home!
Brushed-Pewter Picture Frame with Paper Roses

Then I adhered some of the leftover roses to a brushed-pewter-toned picture frame to create the perfect addition to the decor ensemble.

Lastly, I made up a set of 12 note cards to complete the gift and add a practical aspect to the otherwise decorative collection.
Silent Auction Prize - Decorated Frame, Flameless Candles, Rose Tree and Note Card Set

I am so very pleased with the way this collection came together.  The prize includes some coupons, a free class for the recipient and a free Private Card Class for 4, but these decorative items are the bit that had me grinning from ear to ear.   I love how they turned out, don't you?  And with all that gold paper and gold glitter, I feel truly like I shared some of the Olympic golden moments with the rest of Canada.

I hope the recipient enjoys receiving these items as much as I did making them.  Tune in tomorrow for a quick video on how to make the rolled roses in a flash!  Till then, hope you enjoyed a spectacular weekend with lots of your own "golden" moments!

God Bless,     ~Cynthia      <><

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