Friday, 27 June 2014

Fast and Fabulous Friday - BOGO Party Cards






I couldn't post all day my friends as our internet was down for most of last night and this morning....and then I was out for the better part of today.  But finally, here is your Fast and Fabulous Friday installment.

These are the 2 quick but cute cards my friends who attended last evening's BOGO Party made.  

I have 2 things to say about the cards:
1)  Fast
2)  Fabulous 

As for last night's event, I have 2 things to say about it:
1)  The BOGO was loads of fun!
2)  My friends are AWESOME!!

I am thinking I might run a BOGO event  quarterly instead of every 6 months....because man-oh-man did I ever have a BLAST last night!  

And to make it even more priceless, I got to re-connect with a lady that I often only get to "talk to" electronically.  If you follow my blog, you might notice that "Mi Pablo" often leaves a comment and *always* has something nice to say!  Sunny.  Pleasant.  And downright cheery....that's Mi Pablo.  And last night she was able to make it out at the last minute to pick up some great retired goodies.  And she even brought and introduced me to one of her friends (Hi Marilyn!).  So it was a special night all around.

Okay - back to the Fast and Fabulous part.  Love the Kinda Eclectic stamp set that was used for the second card.  And the top card?  Well my love affair with both Blackberry Bliss (new In Color this year) and the new Lovely Lace embossing folder continues!  The lighting is horrible and the photos are really under-par, but hopefully you get the picture, right?

But for now, I must bid you adieu and get on with my evening.

Hope you are all looking forward to a FABULOUS Friday evening and a wonderful weekend!
God Bless,     ~Cynthia    <><


  1. I had a great time, thanks :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed yourself Karin! Personally? I had a Blast! But just a bit on the tired side today, that's for sure! :)
      Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  2. I'm not surprised that you're tired today. Thank you, for your kind words (blushing like mad) I really enjoyed being at the event, and can't wait for the next one. I will pass on your greeting to Marilyn, and I think she'll want to come too! I'm still chuckling over the "fix me up" thing! lol Have a great weekend!

    1. Ha ha Susan - happy to make you chuckle! And craft supplies are definitely my drug of choice so I can totally understand my friend's husband seeing me as "the dealer" and her as my addict needing a fix ! Enjoy your Canada Day! And hope to see you and Marilyn again soon. God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2014

    I'm sorry I missed your bogo event Cynthia. Those two cards are absolutely gorgeous. And doing it quarterly would make me very happy. LOL