Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thankful Thursday and a Little Sheepish.....

Hi Friends

Of all the things to be thankful for.....?!?!

Today I am thankful for wifi.  

You see, our home internet cut out yesterday afternoon and did not come back until after breakfast this morning.  And I gotta tell ya, with my BOGO and Catalogue Kick-Off Party today, I have too much to do to *not* be able to get connected.

I know, I know.  
First World Problems.
That's why I am a little sheepish.  I can't imagine I am so thankful this morning for something so terribly "unimportant' in the grand scheme of life.  
But thankful I am.  Because busy I am.  (Anyone else think I am beginning to sound like Yoda?)

At any rate, on with the card, right?  Thanks to the internet I am able to see lots of other cards by lots of other demonstrators and get ideas and inspiration for my own creations.  And sometimes it is not a matter of inspiration.  Sometimes it is matter of an out-and-out "copy".  I CASEd this card (Copy and Share Everywhere) from my friend, Selene.  I swapped out her 2 pieces of ribbon for a piece of embossed cardstock and a silver bow, but aside from those I didn't change anything.  

So easy and fun when a friend designs something I love that I can share with you!

Too much to do today to stay chatty.   I have over 230 stamp sets, 20 wheels, LOTS of Big Shot dies and framelits and embossing folders and so much designer paper and ribbons and embellishments that I am beginning to think I have a real collection addiction!  Please, please, PLEASE won't you come and take some of this off of my hands?!?  You get to order from the new catalogue for FREE based on what you purchase tonight so come and score some fantastic deals.  And help me clean out my craft storage while you are at it!  There's always room for more when I get together with my friends to get inky!

Until tomorrow then - Hope all of you are thankful for many things.  Appreciate the important ones and the not-so-important ones.  And have a wonderful day!

God Bless,     ~Cynthia    <><

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