Monday, 30 June 2014

Laid Back Summertime Feeling.....

Hi Friends

I am soooo on holiday mode....
You know the feeling?  Laid back and operating in slow motion as though time itself had slowed down.  Great feeling.  Wonderful feeling.  Hardly productive though!

Believe it or not, I spent quite a while working on cards yesterday, but most of that time was spent working on my PhD.  You know....Projects Half I don't have a mountain of new ideas to show you.  Yet.   But since you haven't seen this installment from my recent 20-card class I can show it to you.

The Flower Patch stamp set is one of those wonderful new sets that has a full set of framelits that coordinate with it.  I absolutely love that since the Flower Patch stamps are photopolymer, you can easily stamp AFTER cutting has been done.  That's what I did for my class....I had all the little coloured blooms pre-cut so everyone could just stamp the centre coloured bits afterwards.  And the leaves were easy enough to place as well since all the stamps and blocks are completely transparent!

And can I just say ..... this new cotton ribbon is an absolute pleasure to work with!  Really soft.  Not too fragile.  And gorgeous colours.  I am loving it!

We have a National Holiday here in Canada tomorrow.  July 1 is our official "birthday" celebration.  Sort of like the July 4 holiday in the US.  So for all my non-Canadian friends, have a wonderful rest of your day.  And for all my Canadian friends.....buckle up because the party is about to start!!!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful Canada Day!!
God Bless you and keep you safe.    ~Cynthia     <><

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