Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Founder's Circle Reminiscing

Hello friends

I know I should be posting a gorgeous card or a note about upcoming classes and such, but instead I wanted to post this photo from my Founder's Circle trip.  My own camera was acting up the day we got to tour the manufacturing facility in Kanab, but a fellow demonstrator took some pics for me and e-sent them (thanks Jackie!) so now I can share some with you.

Of course, we cannot take photos inside the facility (I can tell you that it is a bright, well-lit, non-crowded, happy place to work!).  But we also got to see the apartment where SU! co-founder/CEO, Shelli Gardner and her family stay when they are in Kanab.  The apartment is every bit as beautiful as Shelli is.  And she is a wonderful and gracious individual who happily submits to photos all day long with those of us who are just dying to have a picture taken with her!  You'd think maybe she would eventually get tired of smiling?  But if she does, she certainly does not show it.  On the contrary, she takes every opportunity to tell us how blessed she is, and how grateful she is for all that she has achieved in life.  In her own words (when I asked if she ever gets tired of smiling for photos while we traipse through her apartment) she said she has a LOT to be thankful for and to smile about!

And I'll tell you this too - all of the workers in the Kanab facility?  They also attest to how wonderful Shelli is and how lucky they feel to be able to work for her and at Stampin' Up!.  Every one loves their job.  And they openly tell you how well they are treated.  Really makes me feel truly grateful and comfortable - knowing that I am part of a company that treats its workers so well!   :)

Tomorrow is my Thankful Thursday post.  And I, too, have a lot to be thankful for!  Like Shelli, I hope to embody that to those who see me, and I hope to always be vocal about all the blessings I know I've received in life.  I need to go now and get ready for my Holiday Catalogue Kick-Off Party on Saturday so I will say good-bye.

I pray that all of you have a marvelous day.           God Bless,      ~Cynthia       <><

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