Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Tray Class

Hello Friends

Surprised?  I am posting something "creative" instead of it just being a post about a sale or a promotion.  I have to tell you, this last month has been a whirlwind of busy.  And it's not likely to ease up any time soon.  But I do intend to get back to posting regularly, never fear!

Okay then - explanation aside, do you remember the Hallowe'en trays that we made at a class here a month ago?  Well I wanted to show you the equally gorgeous Christmas trays that some of my very talented friends made at a class at my home just last week. 
Sharon L.

Donata L.
Maeve S.
Sandy S.

Charity S.

We used the Candlelight Christmas Designer paper, some silver, red or champagne glimmer paper, and an assortment of stamps, ribbons and cardstock to put these beauties together.  Each of the trays is a variation on the same theme - and yet they are all quite different.  I absolutely love the subtle little differences that make each of these trays as unique as their creators.

I still have 5 of these empty trays left so keep an eye out for a notice about another class soon.  (And let me know if you want to be a part of it!)  Right now I have some more stamping to do.  Woo hoo!

And in the meantime, have a wonderful day and God Bless,     ~Cynthia    <><

Monday, 26 November 2012

This Week's Ordering Incentive!

Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa!

Holy Moley!!    Has it really been that long since I posted anything worthwhile on my blog?!?  Well friends, not only has it been a while (what an understatement!), but I am not posting anything creative tonight either.

I merely wanted to jump in and let you know this week's November Extravaganza Promotion.  November is my anniversary month and this week, any order over $50 will earn a free package of 8x8 cardstock from me!  Your choice of colour (or even a pkg of mixed colours).

I hope to be back tomorrow to fill you in on some of what has kept me away.  But in the meantime, here is your $50 order incentive for this week.

The Online Etravaganza ends on Wednesday so place your order now to take advantage of some spectacular savings!

Have a wonderful week ahead and God Bless,    ~Cynthia   <><

Monday, 19 November 2012

November Extravaganza

Wow - It appears that when I get tired....I lose track of time, blogging, and pretty much everything else!    :)

I returned home from Rising Star one happy camper.  But one tired lady.  I still had lots of priorities to attend to so the last few days have seen me scrambling to make sure everything gets done.  Not a lot of blogging, but most of the rest of the stuff got covered.  Phew.

So today I am back.  But this blog post is super quick just to remind you about the SUPER 10 day sale at Stampin' Up! that starts today.  Items reduced by 20, 30 even 50%!  And even better, for today only, the Big Shot can be yours for a 20% discount. 

Run, don't walk, to my online store and put in your order today!  Or contact me and I will add your items to my order.

And this week's BONUS present from me (it is my Stampin' Up! anniversary month) - for every $50 order, you can choose the embossing folder of your choice - for FREE - as a gift from me.  And if you do not own a Big Shot (but today is a GREAT day to get one!) then you can choose from a package of rhinestones, pearls or brads, (if you submit an online order, then contact me to let me know which embossing folder/embellishment you would like me to add).  A 100$ order qualifies you to choose 2 gifts.  Etc.

Have a wonderful day.  Have a terrific extravaganza.  And God Bless,   ~Cynthia    <><

Friday, 16 November 2012

Black Friday and Stampin' Up!'s Holiday Extravaganaza

Holiday Extravaganza!

Hello Stampers,

It's that time of year again - Holiday Extravaganza!  During 10 days from November 19th to November 28th you will SAVE on a variety of current Stampin' Up! products - anywhere from 20% - 50% off the regular prices!  Awesome!
So this is how this promotion can place your order online at my store OR you can phone or email me your order!
There are two special dates to keep in mind for the sale - the first Day (Monday, November 19th) and the last day (Wednesday, November 28th) because there are special offerings for those days ONLY! 
Monday, November 19th offerings (midnight - 11:50 pm MST (check time zone)
Page Item
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Simply Scored Diagonal Plate $15.95
Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine $122.95
Big Shot Doctor's Bag $93.95

Wednesday, November 28th offerings (midnight - 11:50 pm MST - adjust for your time zone)

Retail Price
Sale Price

118941 Clear Block Bundle (Blocks A-I) $89.95
120279 Clear Block Storage Caddy $18.95
109127 Stack & Store Caddy $44.95

So what else is on sale?  Check out this flyer with all the juicy details - there are several wonderful stamp sets and embellishments on sale - pick up extras for Christmas gifts!

Remember you always earn hostess benefits on purchases of $200 or more - that's $35 in free product! And you can add product that's not on sale on the same order too!

Holiday.2 Click here for full list of sale items!
So we just have to wait until Monday! Just 3 more sleeps!
Happy Stamping

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day 3 - Pillow Gift

HI there Friends

I realized I let my Facebook friends see what the Day 3 Pillow Gift was.  But I had not yet posted the pics on my blog.  Tsk tsk tsk.  What was I thinking?

Stampin' Up! is known for giving its demonstrators delightful pillow gifts on incentive and award trips. 

Stampin' Up! is also known for rewarding their demonstrators with exquisite bags. 

And sometimes those 2 worlds meet in the most delightful way.  Last night I returned to my hotel room to find this GORGEOUS (!!) leather bag waiting on my bed.  It is large enough to accommodate my laptop computer (yes it is padded with an extra inner cushioned space).  Lots of inner pockets and zippers.  An extra little "wallet" inside.  Luscious deep Cherry Cobbler leather.  Did I already say GORGEOUS?!

I love, love, love, love this bag and I could tell by the squeals of delight emanating down the hotel hallway that all of my Rising Star companions did too.  I'd have to be out of your mind to not like this gift!

At any rate, I'll keep this post short.  But I did want you to know that in addition to the wonderful personalized stamp that we were given at our incredible farewell dinner last evening, we were also blessed by Stampin' Up! with this beautiful bag. 

Can't wait to show it to all my friends back home!

Have a wonderful day and God Bless,    ~Cynthia   <><

Rising Star Day 3 - the Red Carpet Treatment

Hello Friends

Well if we hadn't felt pampered and preened before (um...but we did) then we certainly do after last night!

Yesterday we got to spend lots of quality time with more Stampin' Up! royalty.  In the morning we did absolutely fabulous Make & Takes using products not yet available (coming in the new Occasions catalogue in January).

These projects are gorgeous and I cannot wait to share them with my customers.  What's more, we created our projects alongside Stampin' Up! CEO and co-founder, Shelli Gardner, her daughter Sara Douglass, and Corporate Head Office top guns, Amy Shwartz, Scott Nielson, Dave Baugh and Chad Richards.  Yes my friends, these 3 gentlemen not only made each of the make & takes the rest of us did, but their work was outstanding!
Kim Vogel and Sara Douglass

Scott Neilson

Shelli Gardner and Kristine Matteson


Remember these names my friends.  Because I am going to revisit them later.....

Our day started with more training at the Home Office, then the Make & Takes, a fabulous lunch followed by more training.  And then my friends, I got to get comfortable and intimate with MDS2 (My Digital Studio) under the expert tutelage of Hollie Linford.  I am so happy to have had this training and so eager to get back and share this wonderful program with the rest of you.  It truly is amazing.  And powerful too!!

We went from this gloriously informative tutorial to a spectacular restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City where we were met by none other than.....those Corporate Head Honchos that I listed above.  Yes dear friends, the 9 of us Rising Stars go to enjoy an intimate (and divine) dinner with Shelli, Sara, Amy, Scott, Dave and Chad.  Just us 9 and those 6.  It was intimate.  It was delicious.  It was exciting.  It was lovely.

Checking out our gifts

Everyone got one!

The food was spectacular.  And once again Stampin' Up! outdid themselves with the details.  Our exquisite menus, coordinated with even more exquisite boxes at each of our place settings.  And each box contained a Rising Star stamp that was personalized for each of us individually! 
The mysterious (but lovely) box
Talk about a "personalized" stamp!!
Such beautiful presentation!

Our menu options were out of this world!

Our meal was fantastic.  The company was spectacular.  The restaurant was divine.  The gifts were gorgeous.  What a glorious way to end such an amazing trip.

I will carry fond memories of the Rising Star Retreat with me for a very long time.  And the new friends I made....that is a subject for another post.  But meeting them makes the rest of the excitement of this award pale in comparison!

Perfect way to end a perfect dinner - Exquisite Creme Brulee

I am posting this as I wait for my shuttle to bring me to the airport to return to "real life".  I can't wait to get back to see my husband and children.  Yes, I have much more to tell you about this Rising Star Retreat - but for now I will post this and say...I hope you are having a wonderful day!

God Bless you all,      ~Cynthia      <><

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rising Star - Day 2 Pillow Gifts

Hello Friends

I've waxed enthusiastic about how well Stampin' Up! treats us and I have to admit that today was my kind of day.  Because I will be honest with you....I am a Stampin' Up! junkie.  I LOVE the products.  And I can never have enough.  So today was the kind of day that makes my heart skip a beat.  Because we got product.  Special product.  NEW product.  He he he.

First we were each gifted with a cute Designer Kit from the new catalogue (pg 18 for any of my demo friends reading this).  Then we returned to our rooms to find the most wonderful pillow gifts!!  Product.  Lots and lots of product!  A new punch.  A new stamp.  A new tool.  A couple pkgs of embellishments.  A new 'sort' of fabric.  I am still smiling from ear to ear.

Can't WAIT to get home and use my new goodies.  Stampin' Up! knows the way to my heart all right.  Goodies, goodies, goodies!

Tomorrow is a full day.  Again.  More business meetings.  More training.  More information on how to be the best demonstrator I can be...for YOU!
Hope the rest of you enjoy your evening tonight.    I have visions of pillow gifts as I drift off to sleep.

God Bless you all,    ~Cynthia     <><

Rising Star - and the Best Dinner Companions Ever!

I told you I would fill you in on who we were honoured to share our dinner with last evening.

Take a look at this ensemble.  If you know anything about Stampin' Up!, you will recognize that we got to rub shoulders with, dine with, laugh with and be blessed by some of the Stampin' Up! giants.

Pam Morgan, Shannon West, Andrea Whithers, Brandi Barnard, Brian Pilling, Kelly Jettie, Bonnie Thurber, Donna Griffith...these are just the phenomenal people we got to spend time with last night.  (and boy did they ever make us laugh!)

Today of course, we added to that list of who's who.  We were greeted first thing this morning by Shelli Gardner herself (CEO and co-founder of SU!) and her daughter, Sara Douglass.  As well as our new BFF's from last night and many other Stampin' Up! greats. 
Just a few of the All-Stars who greeted us today.

The #1 All-Star - Shelli herself

And if you are going to have someone give you a tutorial on how to use MDS, you definitely want my teacher - Hollie Linford!

Tutorials by all the best.  Business meetings with gurus.  And lunch with the cream of the crop at Stampin' Up! home office.  That about sums up my day.

How about you?  Anything special happen in your life?  I hope so. 
May you all be richly blessed!  As I am!        ~Cynthia    <><

Monday, 12 November 2012

I Love Pillow GIfts!

I told you that Stampin' Up! is known for seeing to all the little details.  The tiniest little details...right?  Well let me tell you......Nothing in the world beats pillow gifts!

Every night you get back to your room and there is another surprise something waiting for you and last night it was this little feast.

Milk and cookies to go to bed with.  GOURMET milk and cookies at that.  I have to tell you - The bottle of milk was very much appreciated as I am a milk kinda gal   :)

And in back of that little basket there are chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  My family *knows* how happy that makes me!

We are heading off to the home office now for training and I am very excited.  This is going to be a very full day.  And a wonderful one!

Hope yours is expected to be just the same!   
God Bless,     ~Cynthia   <><

Rising Star - Day 1

Stampin' Up! always goes out of their way to plan things down to the tiniest detail and Day 1 of the Rising Star Retreat was no exception.  The 9 of us (a tenth recipient was unable to make it for the Retreat) met in the hotel lobby at 6:30 tp.m. last night to be taken as a group to the restaurant for our first dinner together.
Tuscany Restaurant entrance

Well, a short drive brought us from the Hilton to the Tuscany restaurant in Salt Lake City and let me tell you, the drive was worth it.  The restaurant is quaint and elegant all rolled into one.  And the snow gave it an aura of what my kids would refer to as a Narnia-feel.

Inside the restaurant is elegant and intimate, and we were lead upstairs to a private room where a table was laid out that made us feel like princesses.  I would have said "Rock Stars".  Except that it was way too elegant for Rock Stars.  Princesses it is!
Table at the Tuscany Restaurant

We were able to find our seat at the table since each place setting had a paper corsage with our name on it.  And beside these - a cardstock box that was so gorgeous most of us didn't even think to look inside it.  But when we did, the box contained 100 of the most professional and refined personal business cards that I have ever seen!   As silly as it is, something as "minor" as a personal business card brought tears to my eyes!  No seriously my friends.  I mean it.  I cried.  Stampin' Up! always thinks about our needs and blesses us in even the tiniest details.  These business cards are a testament to that!

Surprise Box

Business Cards!

Moving on to dinner, we each had a hand-made menu that was a work of art in and of itself.  Our choices for our meal had us all wishing we could clone ourselves and have one of everything.  I chose the meatloaf and trust me when I say that this meatloaf, made with pulled pork and beef and topped with blackberries, is unlike anything I have ever had the pleasure to indulge in before!

Menu Cover

Dinner Menu

Best "Meatloaf".  Ever!

There is so much more to tell you.  Not the least of which is the exciting news about who from the company we shared our meal with.  Our table companions rank among a who's who of design and business at the Stampin' Up! home office and we got to share stories and laugh and delight in their company.  But I will have to get to that in a short bit.  More excitement is in store for me today and I have to get ready for it.

Hope you are all feeling as blessed as I am!
Take care and God Bless you all my friends.          ~Cynthia       <><

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rising Star (With a Side Order of Snow!)

Hello Friends

So I made it.  A rather long day of traveling, but I am finally here in my hotel in Sandy, Utah, already  enjoying the Rising Star Retreat for 2012. 
Gorgeous scenery

View from the hotel

I stepped off the plane to be greeted by a winter wonderland as Utah had not just a bit of snow over the last 24 hrs.  Much of it has melted now but it is still beautiful!  Of course, although we have not had snow yet this winter, as an Ottawan this is nothing new to me. 
Parking Lot
My View

But for one of the Rising Star recipients (a San Diego native who currently lives in Texas), this is only the 2nd time in her life she has seen snow!

It is beautiful, sunny, and magical.  I think Stampin' Up! ordered it that way just for us!  They are known for covering all the details after all!

Back later - we are being taken out for a special dinner tonight so I will post more later.  Until then, take care and God Bless,       Cynthia         <><

Lest We Forget

Good Morning Friends.  Or rather – Good Afternoon.  Maybe even Good Evening by the time this gets posted?

I started this post early in the morning while I was en route to Salt Lake City – but most of it was written in Chicago O’Hare airport while I waited for my connecting flight.  I think O’Hare is the only major airport in the world without wifi!  Aargh!!  So I couldn’t post this until I arrived in Salt Lake (and had internet access again).   And then with the time zone change, it may even be early evening back home before this post is up and running.  Hence the schizophrenia with the salutation.   :)

At any rate, I wanted to post on Remembrance Day and show you something very special that I was privileged to be a part of.  My children are members of a truly outstanding choir (the Catholic School Board Choir) that gets invited to perform at many events.  And every year they are asked to sing at the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa for the Nov 11 Remembance Day Memorial Celebration.   This year it just so happens that the choir had a one day retreat the day before (Nov 10) and it was decided that they would create a wreath to be lain on behalf of the choir at the conclusion of the Remembrance Day service.  I was asked if I could help with this endeavor.  My answer.  Um…yes!

We used Real Red cardstock and the Fun Flowers BigZ die to create the poppies (with a Basic Black Boho Blossom punch in the centre).  Of course, the flowers were water-spritzed and scrunched first to give them some character.  Simple florist wire was used to string the layers together and then attach the poppies to the wreath.
Empty Wreath

Adding Poppies

My daughter, Natalie, helping to assemble the wreath

There were 78 kids at the day-long camp and about a dozen adult volunteers, and the addition of each individual’s poppy transformed a simple empty grapevine wreath into a beautiful tribute to our fallen men and women.  Then a purple ribbon with white fabric paint completed the memorial wreath.  Isn’t it beautiful?  And how truly wonderful that it was created by the children themselves!
Almost finished

Ready for Presentation

This is the first time in 6 years that I have not been in attendance for the event and my heart is just a little bit melancholy at missing it.  I am always so proud of the choir.  Eighty some-odd children from 9-15 years old, singing with the voices of angels and paying tribute to so many brave men and women.  I am certain that they once again did an amazing job of representing our school board, and indeed, children everywhere, with their demeanor and decorum.  Not to mention the glorious harmonies that they are so skilled at creating.  It is a poignant and moving ceremony every year and I am sad to have missed it.  But I am very proud of the children in the OCSB choir, for this small token of gratitude that they gift to our Military, both past and present.  Those who died.  And those who survived.

We thank these men and women.  For their courage.  And their sacrifice.  Their selflessness.  And their dedication.    Our deepest and heartfelt gratitude.   

Lest we forget.
God Bless you all.       ~Cynthia    <><

Saturday, 10 November 2012

November Extravaganza - Week 1 Winner

Hello dear friends

We have our first winner!  It is with great excitement that earlier this evening I sent off an e-mail to Genevieve B. to tell her that she won the Scentsational Seasons stamp set in this week's Bonus Draw.  Woo hoo for Genevieve!!

So - week 2 of the November Extravaganza is upon us.  And the Bonus draw this week will be for the Perfectly Preserved stamp set.  Remember, for every online order of $50 (and for each increment of $50) you get one entry into this week's weekly bonus draw, and you also get an equal number of entries into the end-of-the-month draw.  The monthly draw, in honour of my Stampin' Anniversary, is for the Ornament Keepsakes bundle (stamp set plus framelits).

And of course, it gets even better.....every $50 order this month gets a bonus product gift from me (this includes club orders).  Last week a number of you took advantage of this to get your free gift of brads or trinkets.  This week, every $50 order from any source, will get you your choice of a package of rhinestone jewels, pearls or buttons (pgs 175/176 of the catalogue).  So make up your list now and see what it is you'd like to get for FREE!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a spectacular weekend!  Mine is busy, busy, busy...but it's all good!   Enjoy your Saturday.           God Bless,     ~Cynthia    <><

Friday, 9 November 2012

Fast & Fabulous Friday - Finally!

Hello Friends

It seems like it has been quite a while since I posted a Fast & Fabulous Friday for you.
So today I have just that.  And I especially wanted to use blue for this card, since it (or a slight variant) is intended specifically for Lynn. 

Last night Lynn picked up a partial order and I hadn't yet had a chance to write out my usual Thank You card to accompany the bag.   It has been quite a while since I gave anyone a "naked" bag and it felt 'wrong' to me, and Lynn was disappointed too!  I love that my customers look forward to the Thank You cards I include with their orders.  Because in all honesty - my customers are why I do this.  I love sharing my love/addiction/passion for stamping with them.   And I love to be able to do something as small as give them a Thank You note with each order to let them know that I appreciate them!  At any rate, all this is to say that I gave Lynn a "naked" bag yesterday.  And now that the rest of her order has arrived, I need to have a Thank You card specifically with her in mind to make up for the 'naked' (partial) order.  Lynn loves blue.  So I designed this card using blue, with Lynn in mind.

Supply List
Stamps - Creative Elements, Papillon Potpourri, A Word For You
Paper - Naturals Ivory
Ink - Not Quite Navy
Tools and Accessories Basic Pearls

Did you notice how simple this card is?  A single layer.  No Big Shot.  No glitter.  No heat embossing.  Not even any sponging!~  It doesn't get any simpler than that!
This is one of those cards where you let the stamp set itself to do all of the 'heavy lifting'.

And in other news....Today is the last day to get a Free package of brads/vintage trinkets when you place a $50 order.  At the end of the day I will also pick from among the online orders to see who wins the Scentsational Season stamp set. That poor little Gingerbread Man is calling out for some love and attention!  And beginning tomorrow, there will be a new giveaway with $50 orders, and a new prize for online orders placed through until Nov 16.

If you live anywhere in Canada, these offers apply to you so get your order in today!
And ask me how you could get a full set of ink pads for FREE.  That's right, choose Brights, Subtles, or Regals for FREE.  No hassle, no stress, no problem.  Contact me today for all the details.

As for the rest, have a happy Weekend and God Bless,

Cynthia <><

Monday, 5 November 2012

25 Cards in a Day Class

Yes friends - you heard me right.  Make 25 Christmas Cards in a Day.  Not just in a day, but in the space of 2 hours!!  With time to spare even!

You'll use the Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags to make 25 quick but very cute cards.  You'll make 5 of each of the cards shown here.

Class Fee includes:

  • 25 Whisper White Card Bases
  • Coloured Cardstock (as pictured) for each card
  • Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags (25)
  • Greetings of the Season Stamp Set
  • 25 Whisper White envelopes
  • 1 Package of Rhinestones Jewels

    Class fee is $50 (clear-mount) or $55 (wood-mount) - That's approximately $2/card and you take the stamp set home with you!!  The stamp set is yours to keep!
    Get a second set of tags/cardstock/envelopes to make 25 additional cards for just $25!!

    This class is suitable as a Mommy& Me.  If there are 2 of you coming and sharing the class, please add $5 (but to make the second set of 25 cards as mentioned above, only add $25.  Not an additional $5)

    When:  Friday Nov 23, 7-9 p.m   or   Saturday Nov 24, 10 - noon
    Where:  My House  -  Cynthia's Stampin' Studio    :)

    RSVP is required by Nov 19.  Payment required with registration.
    Stamp/class options

    Please bring your own adhesive and scissors.  I do have adhesive here for you to purchase if you forget.

    Can't make it to class but want to make these 25 cards anyhow?  I can send the stamp set, pre-cut materials and envelopes to you for you to make at home.  Local customers can pick up their card-making kit for no extra fee.   Contact me to find out shipping costs if you are not local.

    Hope to see you here!

    Scentsational Gingerbread Man - November Extravaganza

    Quick post today as Mondays are my overwhelmingly busy day. of them at least!  :)

    This was Barb Mullikin's swap card from Founder's Circle.  That little Gingerbread Man is just too cute to ignore, isn't he?  Place a $50 (or more) online order and be entered into a draw to win him and his corresponding stamp set (Scentsational Season) for FREE.  Also automatically earn a package of brads or trinkets.  And be entered into an end-of-month draw to win the Ornament Keepsakes bundle (stamp set plus framelits).  Check out all the details here:

    And in other news....  I have a SUPER class to invite you to.  Make 25 Christmas Cards in a single class - and still have time left-over to enjoy something to eat and drink.  No - I'm serious!!  Check back later today for details about this amazingly easy and efficient class!

    Gotta run and get my reality chores done now. 
    Until later, have a wonderful day and God Bless,  
    Cynthia   <><