Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rising Star (With a Side Order of Snow!)

Hello Friends

So I made it.  A rather long day of traveling, but I am finally here in my hotel in Sandy, Utah, already  enjoying the Rising Star Retreat for 2012. 
Gorgeous scenery

View from the hotel

I stepped off the plane to be greeted by a winter wonderland as Utah had not just a bit of snow over the last 24 hrs.  Much of it has melted now but it is still beautiful!  Of course, although we have not had snow yet this winter, as an Ottawan this is nothing new to me. 
Parking Lot
My View

But for one of the Rising Star recipients (a San Diego native who currently lives in Texas), this is only the 2nd time in her life she has seen snow!

It is beautiful, sunny, and magical.  I think Stampin' Up! ordered it that way just for us!  They are known for covering all the details after all!

Back later - we are being taken out for a special dinner tonight so I will post more later.  Until then, take care and God Bless,       Cynthia         <><

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  1. Oh Cynthia I'm so happy for you. Enjoy all the perks, have fun and stay energized . Psalm 91 Blessings, Carole