Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rising Star Day 3 - the Red Carpet Treatment

Hello Friends

Well if we hadn't felt pampered and preened before (um...but we did) then we certainly do after last night!

Yesterday we got to spend lots of quality time with more Stampin' Up! royalty.  In the morning we did absolutely fabulous Make & Takes using products not yet available (coming in the new Occasions catalogue in January).

These projects are gorgeous and I cannot wait to share them with my customers.  What's more, we created our projects alongside Stampin' Up! CEO and co-founder, Shelli Gardner, her daughter Sara Douglass, and Corporate Head Office top guns, Amy Shwartz, Scott Nielson, Dave Baugh and Chad Richards.  Yes my friends, these 3 gentlemen not only made each of the make & takes the rest of us did, but their work was outstanding!
Kim Vogel and Sara Douglass

Scott Neilson

Shelli Gardner and Kristine Matteson


Remember these names my friends.  Because I am going to revisit them later.....

Our day started with more training at the Home Office, then the Make & Takes, a fabulous lunch followed by more training.  And then my friends, I got to get comfortable and intimate with MDS2 (My Digital Studio) under the expert tutelage of Hollie Linford.  I am so happy to have had this training and so eager to get back and share this wonderful program with the rest of you.  It truly is amazing.  And powerful too!!

We went from this gloriously informative tutorial to a spectacular restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City where we were met by none other than.....those Corporate Head Honchos that I listed above.  Yes dear friends, the 9 of us Rising Stars go to enjoy an intimate (and divine) dinner with Shelli, Sara, Amy, Scott, Dave and Chad.  Just us 9 and those 6.  It was intimate.  It was delicious.  It was exciting.  It was lovely.

Checking out our gifts

Everyone got one!

The food was spectacular.  And once again Stampin' Up! outdid themselves with the details.  Our exquisite menus, coordinated with even more exquisite boxes at each of our place settings.  And each box contained a Rising Star stamp that was personalized for each of us individually! 
The mysterious (but lovely) box
Talk about a "personalized" stamp!!
Such beautiful presentation!

Our menu options were out of this world!

Our meal was fantastic.  The company was spectacular.  The restaurant was divine.  The gifts were gorgeous.  What a glorious way to end such an amazing trip.

I will carry fond memories of the Rising Star Retreat with me for a very long time.  And the new friends I made....that is a subject for another post.  But meeting them makes the rest of the excitement of this award pale in comparison!

Perfect way to end a perfect dinner - Exquisite Creme Brulee

I am posting this as I wait for my shuttle to bring me to the airport to return to "real life".  I can't wait to get back to see my husband and children.  Yes, I have much more to tell you about this Rising Star Retreat - but for now I will post this and say...I hope you are having a wonderful day!

God Bless you all,      ~Cynthia      <><

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