Tuesday, 17 September 2013

More San Diego Highlights

Hello Friends

Well, we arrived back home on Sunday night, but I thought I should share a few more of the San Diego highlights that my husband and I got to see.
HMS Surprise ("Master and Commander" movie ship)

If any of you are familiar with the Russell Crowe movie, "Master and Commander", the ship used for that movie, the HMS Surprise, sits docked along the San Diego Embarcadero as part of the San Diego Maritime Museum.

And right beside that is the 150 year old (!!) Star of India, the oldest ship still sailing regularly (she goes out twice a year).
Star of India by day

 Star of India by night

Both of these ships are floating museums.  And both would make any Pirate-ship-loving little boy happier than a clam!

Continuing to stroll along the San Diego Embarcadero, you come to the USS Midway......a full-sized, once-active aircraft carrier turned into a public access museum.
USS Midway

Just a "few" of the aircraft stored within the Midway

On the top deck of the Midway - surrounded by planes


You thought aircraft carriers "looked" big on tv or in the movies, but trust me, you have no idea just how big until you take a tour!

I do have to admit though, one of the absolute best parts of the Midway tour was the chance to listen to and speak to a vet who flew planes for over 30 years in the US.  Man oh man did he ever have some stories to tell!  He was honest and sincere about the dangers and the harrowing experiences.  But he was also entertaining and impressive when he spoke proudly of his accomplishments.  It was a pleasure to listen to his stories and an absolute honour to meet him and shake his hand!

A 30+ year war vet - who actually flew the plane we are standing in front of!
We spent all day at the water's edge (we were on the west coast, afterall!) and our evening concluded with a delicious seafood meal at Anthony's Fish Grotto.  There is no better place to watch the sun setting in the west, than on the west coast!!  What a wonderful way to end our San Diego Getaway adventure!
Sunset view from our dinner table at Anthony's Restaurant!

Of course, we returned home after a full day of travel on Sunday to find our van waiting for us at the Ottawa airport with a completely dead battery.  I mean "Dead".   :(

But that is a different adventure.....

Hope you've been enjoying a wonderful week so far.  I look forward to getting inky with my Club ladies this evening.

To all of you ---
Enjoy the rest of your day and God Bless,     ~Cynthia    <><


  1. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you in San Diego. Your pictures are great! Congratulations on your anniversary.

    1. Hi Cindy - yes, I am sorry too that we didn't get to meet.
      I *love* your name, btw!! :)
      I hope you enjoyed San Diego as much as my DH and I did. We haven't been married quite as long as you, but we aspire to your years and beyond. We have been blessed...and we *know* it! Hoping we may get a chance to meet you and your hubby at the next Incentive trip?
      Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><