Monday, 14 July 2014

And the Winner Is.......

Drum Roll Please........

I had lots of people weighing in on Friday's post and the overwhelming majority voted that they preferred the card with glitter.  A whopping 73% for glitter and only 27% for rhinestones only.

Pretty clear winner if I do say so myself.
Jewels Alone


All of the names were entered into a draw and my lovely DD#1 drew a name for me to post today......

Val V - you are going to receive these 2 cards!  Woot woot!  Thanks so much for weighing in with your comment.  I would ask, if you feel so inclined, that after you receive them, you get back to me (and all of use!) to let us know what you think of the cards in real life.  Does your preference for glitter extend to the real version of the cards?   Or did the photo really skew the impression of them and help one over the other?

In the meantime - I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is enjoying their day!

God Bless,       Cynthia    <><

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