Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thankful Thursday - (You Are) Too Kind

Hello Friends

A very quick post today as time is a valued commodity lately.  
My youngest is away at camp but my other 3 are running a VBS at our church this week.  And my 4 nieces and nephew are up in Ottawa and staying with us while they attend the VBS - so I am preparing 7 lunches each morning and driving out with 2 separate carloads of kids (at different times) depending on when they need to be at the church.  It is pretty busy - but everyone is having an absolute BLAST!!

At any rate, for today's Thankful Thursday (a CASe of this card), I wanted to make something to give to a friend who just lavished some kindness on me with her words.  And since I know she appreciates the cards I make (that's where her kind words came into play), I decided I would gift her with some cards.  So today's Thankful Thursday card is one of the ones created for her!

Hope everyone hears kind words today.  And I hope everyone delivers kind words today.  God Bless you all,
~Cynthia   <><

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  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2014

    Wow, what a joy waking up to this beautiful card today. Thank you Cynthia for making my day. I just love this card, including the colors. It is one I will definitely make very soon as I have a ton of July birthdays..............Diane

    1. Glad that your day started with "Card-Sunshine" Diane! Have a wonderful time creating all your July Birthday cards. Just make sure you get a chance to enjoy all these bright sunshiny days we are having. And do enjoy your weekend my friend!
      God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  2. What a nice idea! You have managed to CASE the lucky person's kindness, as well. I hope you enjoy this spectacular day.

    1. Sweet words from a sweet friend. Thanks Susan. Hope your day is spectacular as well and your weekend is more of the same. God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2014

    Love the card and those colours together. Perfect for a sunshiny day!!