Friday, 18 July 2014

Fast and Fabulous Friday - No Time and No "Stuff"

Hello My Friends

Not only do I have very little "stuff" with me here while I am visiting my parents.....but I also have very little time.  After all, my parents have the most wonderful pool that is beckoning to me.  And this is the same place where I spent much of my childhood summer days so I am having a great time re-living those carefree past days. 
Simple Hello Darling Card

Simple "Another Thank You"

Any card I make is going to *have* to be Fast!

I am talking FAST.

Well these two samples certainly fit the bill.

They took no time at all to make.  
And they are clean and simple yet fabulous nevertheless.  

I mean...who wouldn't want to open their mailbox and find one of these nestled in amongst the junk mail and bills?

Smile-inducing happiness in an envelope!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful weekend!  With lots and lots of smile-induced happiness!!

God Bless,      ~Cynthia   <><


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2014

    Always nice to see cards that are fast and easy but also appealing. I especially like that they are perfect for sending to the men in our lives - i.e. not too feminine etc. I always have a hard time making guy cards but this one fits the fill. Thanks Cynthia and I hope the rest of your vacation is wonderful and relaxing for you. Enjoy every moment with your parents - how special!!


    1. Thanks Diane - it's nice to have some quick, clean and simple cards in our repertoire, along with the "Wow" cards!. Hope you have a terrific weekend! God Bless, ~Cynthia <><