Saturday, 5 July 2014

LOVING My Blendabilities - Blessed By God

Hello Friends

A quick post to show how versatile the Blendabilities are!!

You can colour your embossing powder!

You can colour your pearls!

You can create gorgeous, quick and easy cards!

You want them.
Trust me.
All of them.

Check out my virtual "Blendabilities Club" for the easiest (and absolutely least expensive) way to get all of the Blendabilities, plus more.....

In the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous card.  And trust me, when you've got Blendabilities, this card is also QUICK!

Hope your Saturday has been wonderful so far!
God Bless,     ~Cynthia     <><  

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  1. Is that a 5 layer card!? Isn't it heavy? It's lovely though, great colours...

    1. Good eye Anne - It *is* a 5-layer card. Although heavier than a 'regular' card, it surprisingly is not as bad as one might think. To cut down on how heavy this might be if you are worried, you can always take out sections from inside the coloured mat layers to use for other projects. Since the card base and the top layer are both black, there is zero risk that light will ever shine through the card, exposing this frugal little trick. So, if weight is an issue, you *can* make this card substantially lighter.
      Glad you like the card though. It is for a special friend. Hope she likes it too!
      God Bless, ~Cynthia <><