Monday, 20 October 2014

Tone-On-Tone For My Team

Hi There Friends

Last night I got together with my Team and we had a wonderful meeting - complete with the creation of some gorgeous cards.  After all, that *IS* what we like to do best when we are together!

Silver-On-Silver Version

In addition, my Team members brought some cards as part of a Challenge that I had given them and believe me - they *absolutely* lived up to the Challenge.  But that is tomorrow's post.

For today, I wanted to show you these 2 gorgeous cards we made.  Well, rather, these were my sample cards and my Team all made the silver version for themselves.  I heavily borrowed from a card I saw on the Hearts' Delight website from almost 2 years ago - we just changed up a few things to make it current.  But believe me, I am a big fan of this tone-on-tone metallic look.  Brushed Gold and Brushed Silver are 2 of the most beautiful cardstocks we sell if you ask me.
Gold-On-Gold Version

And there isn't much you can do to ruin any card made using Lovely As a Tree.  STILL one of my most favourite stamp sets of all time.


I will leave you with the pictures of these two beauties, but I'll remind you to check back tomorrow when I'll post the pictures of cards my Team Members made when I Challenged them.  Believe me when I say you really need to come back tomorrow to check them out!

Until then, I hope everyone's week is spectacular,    
God Bless,   
~Cynthia    <><


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  1. Love your cards Cynthia, found your blog via stamp with Rhonda and just had to click follow :)

    1. Thanks so much Rachel! I hope you continue to get smiles and joy from seeing some of the cards that I am privileged to share here. Have a wonderful day and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  2. Another beautiful card. Did you put embossing powder on the dots made from the embossing folder??? That is a cool look. Thank you for sending me the video on your founder's swap. I just finished making it and the picture does not do it justice. It is the most beautiful card. Thank you again for the video. Still wish you lived in Colorado.

    1. HI Carolyn - sorry I did not reply until now! Your comment went into a spam folder. But I just found it and sent it to the correct place.
      As for the dots.....yup, a bit of versamark sponged onto them and metallic-embossing to brighten them up too!
      So very glad you made "the card" and liked it. I have replicated it more times than I can say and it is just as gorgeous the 200th time as it is the first 2 or 3 times! Wish (too) that you could attend a class - I have the feeling we would get along famously! Alas.... :(
      Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving my friend!! God Bless you, ~Cynthia <><