Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wow - Joining the 21st Century!

For those of you who know me well - you know that I am a dinosaur.  I mean DINOsaur.  Old-fashioned, out-of touch and completely computer-illiterate.  So starting a blog was way outside of my comfort zone.  And joining Facebook on the same THAT positively ranks as a day to mark on my calendar.

But guess what?  I did it.  I joined the ranks of the millions of people on earth who know how to manuveur their way around Facebook.  NO - I haven't actually figured out how to do much more on Facebook than ask (sheepishly)...will you be my friend?  But at least I figured out how to Sign On!  (ahem.  I did have to put an SOS call out to friends to ask how to Sign Off though.    Now am I pathetic or what?)

Anyhow, I am not blogging or Facebooking to lose myself all day, every day in the cyber-world.  I am doing it because I love cards.  I love making cards.  Better yet, I LOVE making cards!  (More emphasis needed).  And blogging and Facebook are the best way to share - or so I've been told.  And after much cajoling from friends I decided it was about time I entered the dawn of civilization and shared my creations.   So here I am.

Once I figure out how to add a Facebook thingybobber to my page, maybe you can find me and Like me on Facebook too.  But for now -- I am trying my best just to make sure what I type doesn't disappear into cyber-oblivion.

In the meantime, hope you like my Valentine's Day card below in my inaugural post.  Stampin' Up! has some cool new products...a gorgeous flower stamp set (Mixed Bunch) and Blossom punch to match.  And "Edgelit" dies that cut a lovely elegant scallop at the edge of your page.  I decided to use the edgelit to do more than just trim the edge of my page.  I created elegant pink swoopy accents.  At least I think the card is elegant.  Hope you like it too!

Now I've got to go help one of my daughters make cupcakes for her school's Valentine's Day bake sale tomorrow.  I figure if they can be 3 days behind with a "Valentine's Day bake sale", then I can post a Valentine card a few days late...right?

Have a wonderful evening everyone and God Bless,
~Cynthia    <><

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