Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sharing the Blessings.....

Last night was a wonderful club night.  Totally awesome.  Not only did we make some gorgeous cards...but the hostess, my friend Becky, brought homemade English Toffee.  Yes friends, you heard me correctly.  Home.  Made.  Toffee.

Don't you wish you had joined us for club last night?!!!!!

My family knows how much joy anything butterscotch, caramel or toffee-flavoured brings me.  And this?  This was just heavenly. 

In addition to the toffee and countless other delectable treats that Becky brought for the club ladies to enjoy (yes, there was way more than just toffee), she presented me with a card that she made for me.  A thank you card no less.  Here I am owing her a truckful of thanks for the treats she blessed us with, and she goes and gives me a Thank You card?!

Fact:  I know some of the nicest people.   :)

And I really do owe Stampin' Up! a ton of thanks for bringing such wonderful friends into my life.

Becky's card uses the Triple Time stamping technique that is popular right now.  The Pumpkin Pie ink, cardstock and co-ordinating ribbon are absolutely perfect for the beautiful image that comes with the Full of Blessings stamp set.  Becky stamped the image twice, making certain that the bird would take centre stage and be the focal point.  She really does have a good eye doesn't she?   Love the balance on this card.  And the white space.  I have to be honest - much as I love the triple time stamping technique, some of the cards can be overwhelming.  Becky's card with its use of white space makes me very happy!  Serene.  Peaceful.  Exquisite.

I have another group of ladies arriving tonight for club.  There definitely will not be any toffee left to share with them.  In fact, I single-handedly ate most of what Becky brought.  And the little bit that was left over last night?  Ate it wile I prepared for tonight's club!  I think my teeth will be stuck together till the weekend.  But it's all good!   :)

Hope everyone else enjoys a day that is as Full of Blessings as mine is.  Don't know how I got to be so lucky that I have such wonderful people in my life?  But I certainly recognize and appreciate it!  Thank you Becky.  For the card.  The toffee.  The friendship.  The conversations.  And more...

 God Bless,     ~Cynthia      <><

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