Saturday, 27 December 2014

Butterfly Thinlits Sneak Peek and a Video - Using Dryer Sheets to Remove Confetti Bits From Diecuts,

Hello Friends - I am SO EXCITED to show you this video!!
Easily Diecut and clean up Intricate designs, like this Butterfly

Karen Burniston came up with an absolutely brilliant way to use dryer sheets to quickly and easily remove all those annoying leftover confetti bits from a framelit or thinlit after you have cut your cardstock - and I tried it using our new Butterfly Thinlits (which you can order beginning January 6, 2015 when the Occasions Catalogue goes live)

And it works!!

It is so easy and so fast - I just KNEW I had to let you all know about this fantastic technique.  Watch the video and see just how easy it is.

I hope you enjoy how fast and easy it is to clean-up even intricate diecut images.  No more poking all the bits of confetti out.  Hurray!!

And I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and is still relaxing before the New Year arrives.   
God Bless,    ~Cynthia   <><  


  1. This is absolutely brilliant. There's nothing worse than trying to pick or punch out all those little bits of paper from intricate dies. Thanks for a great tip and video too!!


    1. So glad you like it Diane. I have been making butterflies galore ow that I found this method because I, like you, HATE picking out all the little bits! Hope your Christmas was wonderful! God Bless, ~Cynthia <><