Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Incredible Team Strikes Again

Hello Friends

I have said it before but it bears Team is incredible.  Truly and absolutely remarkable!!
Dianne R - love how she used the designer paper as an awning!

Lynn CG - such a great way to think outside the box!
I began January (and this entire year) just a little bit sick.  Ok, maybe a whole lot sick.  You know how it is, a cold that you just can't seem to shake.  Lingering coughs and difficulty taking full breaths  And a bit of fog on the brain!   :)
Janet B(u) - such a striking use for this pattern
Janet B(r) - loving the multi-coloured embossing

Well, I had fog on the brain all right.  Big Time!  And as much as I loved the new Adventure Bound designer paper stacks, I just could not seem to wrap my head around how to use them on a card.
Val V - hard to believe this card uses the exact SAME designer paper as the 2 above, isn't it?

So I did the next best thing - I challenged my Team to use them on a card!  I selected a handful of local demonstrators and gave them each a piece of the DSP and asked them to turn it into a card.  And once again, I am totally in awe with what they came up with.
Sylvie - what a perfect use of this DSP.  Elegantly masculine I think
Lynn L - ingenious.  Hearts pinned to a textured background.  Love it!

Why don't you judge for yourself?
Pretty imaginative, aren't they?  And me?  I am totally humbled.  I would *never* have thought to use some of these patterns this way. These ladies ROCK!

I sent them all away this month with yet a new card challenge and I cannot wait to see what they do with it!  One of the best parts of Team meetings is that they share their imaginations and creative minds with me and inspire me!  Love my gifted Team.  Lots and lots.

Hope you are all enjoying your week and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.
God Bless,    ~Cynthia   <><


  1. It's nice to see everyone rise to the challenge. Way to go ladies! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hopefully one of these tiems you'll be able to join us again Susan! And where did Mi Pablo go? ;)

      Hope you have a lovely evening. Stay warm and bundled up tonight! God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  2. So great to hear from you Cynthia - I hope you are feeling better! Wow, what a great selection of cards. I particularly like the ones that are perfect for the men in our lives. These ones give me the most problems, trying to come up with a more masculine card. Thanks!.................Diane

    1. Hi Diane - good to "see" you again too! Funny how being sick can really throw you out of alignment! But I am finally feeling like I can keep more than one (or 2 or 5) balls in the air again. Hope you are looking forward to a fabulous weekend my friend! God Bless you, ~Cynthia <><