Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello there my Friends
And Happy St. Valentine's Day to all of you!!
I had the absolute privilege several times this week of having some of my friends come and make Valentine's cards - in secret - for their wives (and in one case, for his sisters and mother).

I LOVE helping my friends create something special for the people who are special to them.  And it was especially nice to get a bunch of men stamping since I *KNOW* their wives are going to open those cards today and be thoroughly WOW'ed by the fact that their hubbies made plans to go out in secret and create these for them!

Wish I were a fly on the wall in a bunch of households today!!

I know that everyone has a different sense of what is appropriate for their loved ones in a Valentine card so I wanted to present them with several options.  After all - the card made for the mother-in-law is not the same as the one made for the wife, and the ones for sisters are not the same as the one for mom.  Only rule - they all had to be simple to create.  I felt that each of these met those criteria. Simple but elegant.  And hand made!!  So here were the options I gave the varying gents.  

And let me tell you - my gentlemen friends each put their own special slant on the cards.  And they did an absolutely fantastic job!!   I am excited to hear about the joy and smiles they will cause today.

And to all of you - from me - I wish you a Happy St. Valentine's Day.  May you be blessed richly, today and always.  
God Bless,     ~Cynthia   <><

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