Monday, 20 July 2015

Bohemian Paper and Some Talented Friends

Hello There Friends

Johanne B

Lynn CG
Well, June has come and gone and once again I was treated to a demonstration of just how brilliant and creative my downline Team Members are.

The Canadian Sunshine Stampers really rock!!  
Rachelle A

You see -- each month I take some sort of Stampin' Up! product or products, and give my participating Team Members the same "stuff" with the same challenge...make me a card.  Any card.  Use "some" of what I've given you.  Use a little.  Use a lot.  Or use it all.  But use "some" of everything I give you.

Sylvie H
Sylvie H

Imagination?  Go ahead and use it!  Or copy from a friend.  CASe from Pinterest.  (Or any other source for that matter).  No holds barred.
Dianne R

Janet B

This month I limited it to one thing.  I gave everyone a piece of the SU! Bohemian designer paper.  LOVE this paper!!

And that's all.  No other rules.  Use a small piece or a big piece.  Use either side.  Heck, use both sides!  I'm not picky.  What I look forward to each month is seeing the variety.  The unbelievable variety.
Janet Br (outside of card)

Janet Br (inside of card)

Disappointed?  I think not.  Look at how so many friends can take an identical starting point and spin off to create so many different ideas!

Oh my goodness golly gee!!  I cannot *believe* how cool it is to see how many different variations and ideas my friends come up with.
Lynn L

Val V

So.  Totally.  Cool.

So go ahead and weigh in.  Tell me what you think.

Impressed?  I certainly am!

Hope you've enjoyed all these gorgeous cards.  And I hope to see you back again real soon to enjoy some other wonderful creations!
Julie G
We've got a Trip-Achievers' blog hop coming up soon.  Woot woot.  Now those are projects you're going to want to see.
Janet Br

Until then, have a fantastic day and God Bless,    ~Cynthia    <><

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