Saturday, 20 September 2014

Day 2 Founders - the Swap

Hello my Dear Friends

Note added October 17:  The video to make this swap card can be found HERE:  

As most of you know, one of the most exciting things about Founders is getting to swap cards with the highest achievers in the company.  And although it might take a loooong time to create my card in 113 copies, nothing in the world beats getting that many in retrun when you swap on Thursday night.

Well, I've got to tell you, I spent a fair chunk of time on Thursday putting the front of my swaps onto the card base, then packaging these in little cellophane bags so they could withstand the trip home in 113 different suitcases.  And let me tell you, I was NOT alone!  It was amazing how many people cam with unfinished swaps this year and had to assemble in the gathering space!

My Founders Circle Swap - 2014
At any rate, fellow Canadians and all-round special ladies Gail Lowe and Eldonna Epp spent hours helping me with these 2 tasks until finally, I ended up with a stack of gorgeous cards!  Without the help of these 2 ladies, I would NEVER have gotten done in time!  
Gail Lowe (Left) and Eldonna Epp (Right).  My life-savers!!

And let me tell you, I was THRILLED Thursday night when we swapped with each other and there was a LOT of excitement about my card.  I have already given permission to countless ladies to reproduce my card at parties, workshops and on their blogs.  

Note.  VIDEO to make this card can be found HERE.

Swapping is a LOT of fun.  Somewhat chaotic, yes - but fun nonetheless.  

And after we swapped, Stampin' Up! provided us with milk and cookies as we shared stories and ideas, tips and tricks for running our businesses.

Milk and Cookies for All

Milk and Cookies after the hard work of swapping!

Swapping in our Pjs

More Swaping in our Pjs

And then when we got back to our rooms, we were greeted once again with a pillow gift.  This time, our pillow gift was a classic children's Christmas story, signed by none other than Shelli herself!
Pillow Gift #2 Wrapped in Classic Christmas cloth

Pillow Gift #2 - a Classic

It was a good day.  A VERY good day.  And the trip is only half done!  Tomorrow we get to re-live one of the Founder's Circle highlights - the yearly visit to Kanab where the manufacturing facility is.

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But I guess I better leave something for tomorrow.  So for tonight I will leave you with just a sneak peak of all my lovely swap cards!
My Fantastic Founders Swap cards - 2014

And wish to you a wonderful evening and a fantastic weekend!   

God Bless,
~Cynthia   <><


  1. Great card. Saw an origami card box on your site, but can't find it again. Do you have a name or directions? thank you, sue

    1. So glad you like it Sue. The Card-in-a-box video and written tutorial you are looking for is at this site:

      Hope you have a terrific evening. God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  2. hello ..boy I love that card.iseen it at my demo shop kay schwab from Middletown pa.this card was my favorite out of all them by far..sooooo I will be checken you out often

    1. So glad you like the card! I have been thrilled with that fact that everyone else seems to love it as much as I do! Say "Hi" to Kay for me (you should feel lucky and proud to have her as your demo!) - and have a fantastic weekend! God Bless, ~Cynthia <><