Monday, 22 September 2014

More Founders.....

I LOVE my family....but AHHHHHH!

I had 2 hrs sleep on Saturday night (I know, my own fault!) - then had to be up at 5 a.m. to begin my long journey home.  Traveled all day yesterday, long waits in airports, 2 planes and a layover.  Got home last night.  Talked with my family and finally went to bed after we had all "caught up".  

My alarm went off at early this morning and I turned it off -- and fell back to sleep.  My dear husband decided I must be tired -- so let me sleep 45 minutes more before he woke me as he was leaving for work.  Without thinking that I might need time to get ready for work (he's a takes him 10 minutes) and although the extra sleep was thoughtful, 45 minutes-worth really wasn't how I wanted to begin my day!


So - no long catch up about Founders right now (not until tonight) but a quick post to tell you that Saturday in Utah was FANTASTIC.  The final event, the final dinner, the final everything.  I will tell you all about it later today.  But for now, a picture of how I spent most of Saturday afternoon (this is the view from my bedroom window).  Far away from this morning's cold and drizzle.  Surrounded by people whose advice and suggestions are like pure gold.

Have a wonderful day everyone and I will "talk" with you more, this evening!
God Bless you all,

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