Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 3 Founders - the Adventure Continues.....

Hello Friends,               

Day 3 of the Founders Circle Retreat began just a little too early for my liking but at least we got to drive through some very gorgeous landscaping indeed
Early Morning Drive
Gorgeous Landscape
and I got to sit beside Frenchie (France) Martin 
Myself and Frenchie!
and share some laughs and get some terrific business advice form her.  And before you know it, we arrived at our destination:  Kanab!  

Employees Outside to Welcome Us to Kanab
The Kanab facility is the place where the stamps, paper and inks are actually made and assembled and every year this is a highlight of the Founders Circle Retreat.  Besides being just plain old cool to be at Kanab, the employees all come outside to welcome us and make us feel like a million dollars.  This year we brought some of our own signs and treats to say thank you to them.  Now *THAT* was cool!
Ink Pad Assembly

Cardstock Trimming

Cardstock processing

Photopolymer Being Poured

Photopolymer Hanging, Waiting for Quality Control.

We had a chance to witness ink pads being put together, Cardstock being cut to size, Rubber stamps being formed, assembled and trimmed and the most exciting bit of all....we got to see photopolymer being poured and processed to give us the gorgeous stamps we have come to know and love!

Another highlight while at the Kanab facility - getting my photo taken at "the Rock". 
The "Rock" at Kanab (with Cherokee in the background)
That's Cherokee standing behind the Rock.  Cherokee promised to stand there and politely smile for the pictures!   :)

Cooling My Feet in the Rubber Playground!

After a full morning at the Kanab facility, we spent a bit of time at the Kanab Park ...... that's where cast-off trimmed rubber pieces get a second life, acting as playground materials at the park.  

When it is hot outside and you bury your feet deep into sand or in this case, rubber, you'd be amazed how cool the temperature below can feel.

Back to the hotel so we could prepare for an evening session at the outdoor theatre, Tuacahn Amphitheatre.  
Tuacahn - where Theatre comes alive!

Tuacahn at Night

We saw the Wizard of Oz and it was positively brilliant.  

The acoustics were marvelous and the play was absolutely terrific.  What a wonderful way to end our 3rd day at Founders Circle.
But is that all?   No........

Of course - first I have to show you the Pillow Gift!

All of the pillow gifts have been obviously chosen to fit right in with our Retreat theme of "Home for the Holidays" this year.  How delightful then to come back to our rooms after our Tuacahn experience and find this ever-so-cute Christmas-themed throw pillow sitting waiting on the bed.

I can just imagine it kids will fight over who gets to use the pillow at any given time.

Oh well - for now maybe *I* will use the pillow.  Some sleep will be good too since tomorrow is building up to be a full day - just like today.

I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend and that wherever you are, you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate all you are to them.

God Bless,     ~Cynthia    <><


  1. Thanks for your Founder's Circle updates. It's amazing to see all the places you visited and things you've done while on this trip. Enjoy!

    1. October 01, 2014

      Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm Penny! Founders Circle is a wonderful experience and Stampin' Up! makes you feel so special! Gotta LOVE the company we work for!! Hope you've had a wonderful week! God Bless, ~Cynthia <><