Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Comfort Zone......

Or rather.....NOT my comfort zone.....

Good Morning Friends
Classic and untouched

I have a friend who does shabby chic all the time.  And she makes it look good!  Me?  I prefer things to be fairly well ordered and balanced and in place.  
Sort of.
Kind of.  


At any rate, edging a card with versamark and embossing the edges with silver embossing powder just isn't me.  So I decided to try it anyhow.  Because I *know* my friend would do that.  And it would look spectacular!
A bit of sponging just over the raised tops of the Perfect Polka Dots and I have 2 variations on what is essentially the same card.

But with dramatically different flavours!
Shabby Chic with Silver edging

So you tell me......
Plain and simple 'classic' images?

Or a bit of shabby chic to rough it all up and make it feel more 'comfortable' and homey?  

Let me know what you think.
And, as always, have a spectacular day and a wonderful week!

God Bless,
~Cynthia     <><


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  1. It might not be in your comfort zone, but I think you rocked the shabby chic! Have a great week, Cynthia!

    1. *blush
      Thanks Susan! You have a great week too! God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

    2. Hi ,
      Shabby Chic looks the best. It is the eye catcher for sure.
      Have a nice day.