Tuesday, 18 February 2014

More Shared Love - another R.A.K.C.

I am so lucky.  So very lucky indeed!

Guess what showed up at my house this weekend?  MORE cards made especially for me, by yet another one of my friends!

I shared a R.A.K.C. (Random Act of Kindness Card) with you last week when one of my friends sent me this lovely valentine card.  Well today I get to share with you not just one R.A.K.C. but TWO.

B.M. made this absolutely lovely card for me using the Stippled Blossoms stamp set.  I have to admit that this stamp set was one of my favourites when it first appeared on the scene.  It has such beautiful images.  And the 2 step-stamping allows you to add "highlights" to the images as if you had painstakingly coloured them.  I used this stamp set for the swap cards that I took with me to Convention 2 summers ago!  It really is a wonderful set and B.M. did a spectacular job in creating this card.

However, my dear friend was not content to "just" make this floral card for me.  She knows that purple is one of my absolute favourite colours and since she hadn't had a chance to get her Christmas card to me - well, she decided it was about time I got my Christmas card as well.  Now in her defense, she just had a new baby in the Fall - number 3 in fact - and I am surprised she got around to making any Christmas cards at all.  I certainly didn't have a good excuse when I failed to get my cards out on time this year.  So B.M. has nothing to apologize for as far as I am concerned!

At any rate, better late than never.  And when the card is this lovely, it is certainly worth waiting for!

And let's face it, we will have snow around here for quite a few more weeks-slash-months, so a card with snowflakes fits right into the scenery right about now!

I hope each of you has someone special in your life too.  Someone who randomly and for no reason at all, gives you a card or a hug or a cheery phone call that brightens up your day and makes you feel special!  I am blessed to have many such people in my life.  And I appreciate them all.

I hope I have let them know that!

So thank you B.M. for the wonderful cards.  I hope you know how much your little act of kindness means to me!  And I hope you - and all my friends - have a wonderful week ahead. 

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I leave you now with a wish for you to enjoy a happy day and a wonderful week!

God Bless,     ~Cynthia     <><

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