Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Founder's Circle!!

Well friends - after a loooong day of travel yesterday with a 9 hr layover in Los Angeles, I arrived in Salt Lake City after midnight.  In bed for a few hours then up early to start my day and then just before lunch, it was time to head over to the awards booth to pick up "my award(s)".  Now, I knew last March that I had earned the Rising Star award.  You are only eligible for this award during your first full year as a demonstrator and it is awarded for a combination of having achieved a high level of sales and recruiting/promotions during that year.  So I was expecting to pick up my Rising Star award, as well as my Fiji trip acknowledgement.  Little did I know.....I also earned Founders' Circle!

Founders' Circle is one of the highest honours that Stampin' Up! can award and receiving it means that I have placed in the top 20 of all Canadian demonstrators this year!!  As you can imagine, I was a little overwhelmed when I found out I earned the award.  Some squeals.  Some tears.  Lots of smiles and hugs.  More tears.  I met some wonderful Canadian demos from Winnipeg that gave me hugs and helped share my joy with me (thanks Rebecca and Lauren!!).  New friends whom I instantly feel "old friends" with!  I also got to share the moment with Jill Hilliard and Meg Holland, two exceptional ladies that I got to spend the morning with. 

I am basking in a sense of un-real right now.  Happy.  Overwhelmed.  Smiling continually.  Excited.  you name it!  I told you I would update you from Salt lake City.  Little did I know I would have such exciting news to share!!

Now I get to go back over to the Convention centre and stamp some cards.  Yippee!!   Fun, creativity, old friends and new.  This is going to be a wonderful week!       God Bless,       ~Cynthia    <><


  1. Oh Cynthia congratulations plus plus.

  2. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    Why to go Cynthia. Well done.

  3. Well done Cynthia. I am proud of you. You deserve

  4. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    Well deserved, Cynthia. Everything that I have attended has shown to me your creativity, infinite patience and generous spirit. Congratulations!


  5. So happy to have been able to share in the excitement with you! Truly an outstanding achievement! Congratulations! Rebecca

  6. AnonymousJuly 20, 2012

    AMAZING!! Very well deserved.

  7. Many congratulations Cynthia!