Friday, 14 September 2012

Founder's Circle - Day 2

Wow!!  Today I got to sit with, eat with, talk with and swap with some of the greatest demonstrators on the face of the planet.  Seriously!  I mean, all the big-wigs, the giants, the best of the best.  And we ended the day with some of these fantastic ladies sharing tips and tricks with us about how to better our business.  Such a wonderful day.  And so much fun!!

When Stampin' Up! does something, they do it RIGHT!  Even the water is presented beautifully.   Every water decanter is always filled with either strawberries or blueberries or melon slices or lemon slices....of course you can have plain water if you wish to, but who can refuse the 'gourmet' water?
And see this water bowl?  It sits on a tray of ice that has lemon and orange slices frozen right into the tray!  A visual and a taste-bud delight!

For tonight's swap (in our jammies) we were greeted by the smell of hot cinnamon and when we entered the hall we found a gentleman preparing cinnamon-coated almonds for us.  I think this may be what heaven is like.  And if it is, let me tell you, heaven smells like cinnamon!    :)
Please don't ask me how many cones of almonds I ate.  It isn't a ladylike number, that's for sure!

And, of course, the room was dotted with various other delectable goodies for us to indulge in.  Stampin' Up! is determined to make me fat, I am convinced!     :) 

While we ate and generally let ourselves be pampered, We heard some amazing demonstrators share some truly outstanding tips with us tonight.  Love that the other ladies are so willing to share with the rest of us!

And after all the eating and indulging and tip-sharing, we went out into the hall and exchanged (swapped) cards.  All 120 of us.  In our pj's. 

 The.  BEST.  Business.  Meeting.  Ever!  

I can't wait to get home and start showing you some of these gorgeous cards.  These ladies are so brilliant and creative!  Can't wait for many of you to see these swaps when you come to my Holiday Catalogue kick-off on Sept 29.

 Then, when all was said and done, I returned to my room to find my second pillow gift.....the most beautiful and *softest* (!!) blanket you can imagine.  It was all rolled up nicely but I had to unroll it and feel its wonderful and luxurious softness! 
Stampin' Up! really is the best company in the world and I love my job.   How many of you get to say that?!?!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your day.  Friday we will be taken to the Kanab facility to see where the stamps are made.  Then they are taking us to a secret location to pamper us in some way.  The whole things is hush hush and secretive.  All I know is that we were told to bring sunscreen and a hat, and sandals, flip flops or water shoes.  We are a little too land-locked in south-western Utah to involve the ocean or beachfront, but there is water here (Lake Powell).  Could our surprise involve a boat?  Check back tomorrow so I can tell you what Day 3 at Founder's Circle was like!!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Friday and a great start to your weekend.
God Bless,     ~Cynthia    <><

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